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Home Staging and Real Estate

Home Staging and Real Estate

Home staging is something that sounds like getting a home ready for a movie shoot. However, it is actually a common practice for any person to do in preparation to sell the house. The property market is not just about the size of the house and the location of the property. Value is often in the eye of the beholder when selling the house. That is why people need to maximize the home’s potential to be valuable.

One of the most important parts of the home is the entrance. This is something many home staging experts forget. If the show home is immediately proceeded by an empty sales office, then people begin to think about the sales tactics that the people will use on them. That is why it is prudent to make the office look like part of the home. Have some beverage options there and flowers, so people don’t just think dollar signs when entering.

If the home does not have a sales office, then quite likely it is not a show home. But that does not mean that buyers do not want to see a nice front entrance. This is the first impression that people will get of the home. So make sure that the entrance has flowers outside and a place to take off muddy shoes inside. Also, keep the entrance way free of others’ clutter.

When staging the home, use modern furniture that maximizes the best features of the home. People like trendy decor and will appreciate the fresh look. Make sure to take out gaudy features like 70’s style wall paper. Keep the rooms open to interpretation and do not set a style that the person might not resonate with.

Home staging is all about decorating the home to make it look appealing. People want to spend time in a place that looks like it will be wonderful to relax in on a Sunday afternoon.